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 Myripristis jacobus (Blackbar Soldierfish)

Myripristis jacobus
Cuvier, 1829

Blackbar Soldierfish

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Likely Fish-Only Tank Suitable


These fishes belong in the Order Beryciformes and Suborder Holocentroidei as members of the Family Holocentridae (Squirrelfishes & Soldierfishes) consisting of 2 Subfamilies, 8 genera, and 65 species.

Similar to cardinalfishes in physical characteristics, with the major difference being size. Some are capable of making loud clicking sounds. They are also sensitive to sounds like tapping on the aquarium glass because they have large air bladders. Most are too large for the average aquarium. Peaceful, generally nocturnal, carnivorous, and somewhat colorful. Mostly crevice and cave dwellers. Those in the Subfamily Myripristinae are called Soldierfishes. Since they are generally a fast growing species, aquarium size is an important consideration. Better in small groups than individuals or a pair, as one may pick on the other. There are few of interest.

For in-depth information concerning these fishes, checkout Reef Fishes Volume 1 by Scott Michael (ISBN #1-890087-21-1). You can see a review of this exquisite book by visiting my Product & Book Reviews page.

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