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 Symphorus nematophorus (Chinaman Fish)

Symphorus nematophorus
(Bleeker, 1860)

Chinaman Fish

Not Reef Tank Suitable

Likely Fish-Only Tank Suitable


These fishes belong in the Order Perciformes and Suborder Percoidei as members of the Family Lutjanidae (Snappers) which include 5 Subfamilies, 21 genera with about 125+ described species.

Even though there are over 200 species (described and undescribed), only a few are suited for the home aquarium, which must provide lots of open swimming area, e.g., at a minimum 200 gallons, and in some cases, a lot more!

Often quite easy to feed in captivity, and eats a wide variety of aquarium type meaty foodstuffs, including any ornamental crustaceans and small fish in the aquarium. Once acclimated, they are hardy and non-aggressive to anything not small enough to be eaten.

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