By Bob Goemans
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 Dactylopus dactylopus (Fingered Dragonet)

Dactylopus dactylopus
(Valenciennes, 1837)

Fingered Dragonet

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Likely Fish-Only Tank Suitable


These fishes belong in the Order Perciformes and Suborder Callionymoidei as members of the Family Callionymidae (Dragonets) consisting of 11 genera, and 155 species. These are one of the most desirable fishes for larger reef aquariums. They do well in this type environment with its live rocks, hiding places and a steady supply of small live crustaceans. In fact, they should only be kept in 'large' aquariums where there is a constant supply of live food; otherwise, they will starve to death. Numerous females can be kept in the same aquarium, yet two males will fight until only one remains. They are extremely colorful, peaceful, fairly hardy, and usually inexpensive.

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